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Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing is no longer just a concept, it’s the new norm among manufacturing companies. Today, connected machines - the adaptive cyber-physical systems can think, make decisions and communicate key technological breakthroughs in Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Robotics and Industrial Internet of Things, which are transforming existing factories into state-of-the-art production workshops.

India intends to increase the share of GDP by manufacturing sector to 25 per cent from the existing 17%.The manufacturing industry envisions a paradigm shift to smart manufacturing in the near future. Manufacturing pioneers and early adopters realize the potential of disruptive innovations in smart manufacturing. Pragmatic national policies including ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’, regional presence of global manufacturing leaders and adoption of best practices in Industry 4.0 augment the prospects of smart manufacturing across diverse industry verticals in the country

India’s manufacturing sector will grow six-fold by 2025, to $1 trillion, while creating up to 90 million domestic jobs.
Based on a study by McKinsey

Bosch Smart Manufacturing Conclave 2016

Redefining India’s manufacturing growth story

Bosch Smart Manufacturing Conclave 2016 intends to highlight how Industry 4.0 transcends the boundaries between manufacturing and technology.

Redefining Intelligence

The 2nd edition of the Bosch Smart Manufacturing Conclave is a pioneering platform for leading manufacturers and technologists to meet and discuss on key focus areas including

  • Industry 4.0 in India
  • Industrial IoT
  • Manufacturing 2020

The thought leaders and industry practitioners from the manufacturing fraternity in India and overseas deliver insightful keynote sessions, intriguing panel debates and a showcase on transformative smart manufacturing technologies in real-world applications.


Registration and morning coffee
Inauguration Ceremony
Welcome Address
Government Chief Guest
Shri Girish Shankar,
Secretary, Department of Heavy Industry,
Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises,
Government of India.
Industry Chief Guest
Dr. Abhay Firodia,
Chairman, Force Motors Ltd.
S N Subrahmanyam,
Deputy Managing Director & President,
Larsen & Toubro.
Arvind Goel,
President and Chief of Operations, Technology and New Business,
Tata AutoComp Systems Limited (TACO).
Shaping the future with Industry 4.0
Dr. Stefan Assmann,
Senior Vice President,
Head of Innovation Cluster, Connected Industry,
Robert Bosch GmbH.

Manufacturing entities are embracing Industry 4.0 and we need to closely understand how Industry 4.0 will empower the future of Manufacturing. In our opening keynote, we will look at what the future of manufacturing looks like, how Industry 4.0 will offer customers with choices through multiple product variants, adaptive manufacturing processes and globally connected value chain and supply chain and how the work environment will seamlessly integrate with path-breaking technology to enhance production efficiency.

Demo Walkthrough
What’s trending? #Manufacturing2020
Noshir Kaka,
Managing Director-India,
McKinsey & Company.

Manufacturing is in the spotlight with the Indian manufacturing industry aiming to increase its contribution from 17% to 25% share of the country’s GDP by 2020. Manufacturers are actively exploring global best practices, opportunities and challenges in the Indian context for Industry 4.0. During this knowledge session, we will explore the trends that will influence the manufacturing industry by 2020 and the challenges companies need to address within the next few years.

Analyzing a smart factory’s digital vs monetary dividends
Aditya K Shrivastava,
Senior Vice President,
VE Commercial Vehicles Limited.
Steven Young,
Bosch Turkey and Middle East.
Dr. B Gurumoorthy,
Professor - Mechanical Systems and Design,
Indian Institute of Science.

Anil Sinha,
Head - Manufacturing Operations,
TATA Motors Ltd.

Swaroop Balakrishnan,
Regional Sales Director,
Asia Pacific, Bosch Software Innovations.

Manufacturers express mixed reactions to step up Industry 4.0 investments across different industry verticals. Early adopters expect to gain a competitive edge through structured return on investment (ROI) for Industrial IoT investments while others follow through with a relatively skeptical outlook. Our Panel Discussion will have experts from varied functions sharing their outlook on setting realistic expectations, identifying the scale of investments in Industry 4.0, and monitoring their returns.

Think globally, act locally:
Building a sustainable I4.0 ecosystem
Saj Kumar,
Vice President – IoT and Digital Transformation ,
SAP – APAC and Japan.
Santosh Kumar,
Managing Director,
Texas Instruments India.
Sundareshwar Krishnamurthy,
Partner with PwC.
Abhimanyu Prabhavalkar,
Vice President,
IoT & Big Data, Oracle.
Padmalatha Ranganathan,
General Manager,
Bosch India.

Keith Anderson,
Deployment – Business Excellence, Robert Bosch GmbH.

A robust Industry 4.0 ecosystem is critical for adopting and transforming existing manufacturing systems. It must ensure effectiveness, stability and maturity of industry-wide processes across different geographical locations. During this Panel discussion, panelists will bring forward their thoughts on how a robust I4.0 ecosystem will look like, what it will comprise of, who the major players in it would be, and what its characteristics will be.

Standardization to personalization:
(Managing) An explosion of variants
Dr. Chandan Chowdhury,
Vice President, (Global Affairs and Business Development)
Dassault Systèmes India Pvt. Ltd.

Production is at the cusp of a transformation, with Standardization of products giving way to Personalization of products catering to the customer needs. Industry 4.0 is leading this transformation and changing the way manufacturing industries function. During this knowledge session, we will look at how I4.0 facilitates manufacturers to meet changing customer demands in a competitive market, how Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can be optimized through adaptive processes and multi-functional machines resulting in sophisticated product variants and product customization.

Early adopters of I4.0 – Successful case studies from Indian manufacturers
Dr. Wolf Andreas
Executive Vice President,
Manufacturing & Quality, Bosch India

The best way forward to adopting Industry 4.0 is to start implementing it! During this knowledge session, we will look closely at few case studies from Indian manufacturers who have implemented Industry 4.0 solutions on their shop floor as they share their experiences on embracing Industry 4.0, overcoming challenges, identifying RoIs and achieving their targets.

Demo Walkthrough
Nurturing disruptors
Presentation of Winning idea from Bosch Hackathon.

Innovative disruptions can come from anywhere. Carrying this thought forward, a young group of innovators will demonstrate their game-changing idea that won them the Bosch Hackathon in October 2016. Their innovation will revolve around the concept of ‘connected machines’ and will illustrate their vision of how machines will interact, collaborate and function in the near future.

Connected factories to connected
enterprises – In a CIO's workbook

A connected enterprise goes beyond connected factories and opens new avenues of opportunities through connected information sharing. Today 'Information' is power and we must harness it effectively to help customers. In this knowledge session, we will explore what constitutes a connected enterprise and how they can improve industrial processes, reduce network complexities and minimize exposure to information security risks.

Rao Poduri,
CIO, Diamler India
Closing Key Note

Disruptive technology and innovations are rapidly changing the way we live, communicate and do business. It is imperative for enterprises to be have the capability to identify disruptions and act on it. During the closing keynote session, we will talk about the need for enterprises to encourage and embrace disruptions, the change that they must imbibe within the organization and how they must create disruptions to alter their market.

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Your experience at BSMC16

At the Bosch Smart Manufacturing Conclave, experience state-of-the-art technologies that are driving smart manufacturing across various plants in Bosch. Witness the exciting potential of smart manufacturing as we demonstrate the possibilities of a connected industrial ecosystem.

Augmented Reality

Observe the power of personalization and get close to path-breaking technologies that integrate intelligent machines to work alongside people, can offer real-time analytics for logistics, and assist in maintenance and repair of equipments.


APAS assistant is a versatile automatic assistance systems. As an intelligent and intrinsically safe robot system, the APAS assistant allows direct collaboration with people without expensive safety fences.

201 special economic zones (SEZs).

250 industrial parks.

One city.

Mumbai, the commercial and the financial capital of India, is strategically located on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies. The city with its proximity to numerous manufacturing establishments has a strong base in industrial production, making it an ideal choice for hosting the 2nd edition of the Bosch Smart Manufacturing Conclave.

ST. Regis, Mumbai

St.Regis – Mumbai, India’s tallest hotel tower, will be hosting the Bosch Smart Manufacturing Conclave 2016 on November 11th, 2016. Nestled amidst the cityscape, the hotel is a prime venue for hosting business conferences.

462, Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel,
Mumbai - 400013
Phone: +91 (22) 6162 8000.

Highlights from BSM '15

Bosch Smart Manufacturing Conclave 2015

Inaugurating India’s manufacturing growth story

The inaugural edition of Bosch Smart Manufacturing Conclave was held on November 5th 2015 at St. Regis, Mumbai. It kick-started a new beginning for Smart Manufacturing in India through a day-long conference with Industry 4.0 practitioners, early adopters and skeptics in the Indian manufacturing industry. The attendees participated in a series of keynote sessions and panel discussions on a wide range of topics including Engineering Analytics, IoT in Manufacturing and Smart Workforce.


In the opening keynote, the Government Chief Guest Mr. Amitabh Kant, former secretary, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India stated,

Bosch brings knowledge and experience of Industry 4.0 to India and we must use this opportunity to ‘Make in India’.

Eminent Industry leaders were part of the Leadership Roundtable to discuss on how India could be transformed into a manufacturer’s paradise. The roundtable included:

  • Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, MD and Chairman, Godrej and Boyce
  • Dr. V. Sumantran, Chairman, Celeris Technologies
  • Mr. Vijay Ratnaparkhe, MD and President, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions
Increased government support with the Make in India initiative provides India a great advantage in the manufacturing sector.
Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, MD and Chairman, Godrej and Boyce

Panelists at discussions: ‘Are Indian factories future ready?’ and ‘Digital disruptions and technology enablers in manufacturing’ addressed focus areas including Connected Factory and Industrial Internet of Things specific to Indian manufacturing industry.

Keynote sessions: 'IoT in manufacturing', 'What the CIO needs to know about intelligent factories' and 'Smarter workforce in manufacturing' highlighted futuristic trends and practices for successful implementation of smart manufacturing in India.

Experience BSM’15 close-up

BSM Conclave 2015 was held on November 5th 2015 at St.Regis, Mumbai. It witnessed industry leaders and practitioners in Industry 4.0 from India and Europe meet and discuss on a wide range of topics including Engineering Analytics, IoT in Manufacturing and Smart Workforce. It provided a platform for thought leaders to analyze and advocate possible opportunities and challenges in transforming Indian factories into smart factories in line with global standards.

Watch the video here.


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